Caramel Colour, burnt sugars and aromatic caramels


JaDa supplies a vast range of high quality Caramel Colours including burnt sugars and aromatic caramels in both liquid and powdered form.

Our Caramel Colour is sourced exclusively from Sethness Caramel Color in Clinton, Iowa and Sethness-Roquette in France and China.  Sethness has been producing Caramel Colour since 1880 and through five generations of family ownership are considered world experts in Caramel.

Caramel Colour can be used in a variety of applications including soft drinks, liqueurs and spirits, flavours, seasonings and sauces, bakery products, spices, confectionery, cereals and pet foods.  It is an extremely versatile and stable product providing colour ranging from light yellow through to black.  They are also label friendly as they do not contain any preservatives, artificial flavours or colours and no genetically modified proteins or DNA.

JaDa can provide a large selection of Caramel Colours ranging from the minimally processed Class I Caramel through to Class IV commonly found in cola drinks.  Additional products including certified organic liquid and powdered Caramel Colour and Caramelised Sugar Syrups which provide flavour as well as colour.

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