Native and Modified Starches and Derivatives


JaDa source a vast range of Tapioca Starches including Native, Modified and low moisture varieties. Our Tapioca Starches provide viscosity, help to modify textures and to improve stability in your finished products. The neutral flavour of Tapioca Starch allows it to be used even in delicately flavoured foods and our modified starches can also be used in a variety of liquid food applications.

Both native and modified Tapioca Starches offer a significant difference to your finished product regarding texture, mouth feel enhancement and stability.

They are used extensively in wide range of products including bakery, batters, breadings and coatings, beverages, confectionery, convenience foods, dairy products, fruit preparations, gluten free foods, noodles, spaghetti and wrappers, processed meats and fish, snack foods and soups, sauces, dressings and dips. Other uses also include desserts, baby and infant foods, encapsulated powders and pet foods.

Our Potato Starch is made through the wet separation of grains of starch then cleaned, washed, dried and sifted.

It has a variety of uses including as a soup and sauce thickener, for the production of jellies and cakes, in the manufacturing of dextrins, starch hydrolyzates, syrups, glucose and starch modifiers.

Our Maltodextrin is a free flowing powder with good water solubility making it ideal in the production of food for children, confectionery products, food concentrates, soups, sauces and spices and a component of nourishing tonic drinks and dietetic products.

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