Major Suppliers

JaDa Solutions Major Suppliers

JaDa Solutions are distributors to a number of globally trusted and well known suppliers with some staff relationships spanning over 15 years. Oregon Potato Company, Cascade Specialties, General Starch Limited (GSL), Gold Coast Ingredients, Nowamyl as well as Sethness Products Co. and Sethness-Roquette, the world leaders in Caramel colours, represent just a few of the many suppliers JaDa source products exclusively from. Please see some further information below on what these companies do, who they are and what relationship JaDa shares with them.


Oregon Potato Co is located in Oregon, USA. They are private growers who are dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices and are leaders in the industrial, foodservice and private label retail markets.

We currently purchase and sell: Potato Flake (also available in no sulphite), Potato Granules and Potato Grind from Oregon.



Cascade Specialties is located in Oregon, USA. They are worldwide manufacturers of high quality naturally grown, extra-low bacteria conventional and organic dehydrated onion products.

We currently purchase and sell: Chopped Onion, Large Chopped Onion, Minced Onion and Onion Powder from Cascade.



General Starch Limited is located in Thailand. They are a major modified starch manufacturer, producing up to 500 tonnes of modified and native starches daily.

We purchase and sell: Native Tapioca Starch and a vast range of Modified Tapioca Starches from GSL.



Gold Coast Ingredients is located in California, USA. They are a wholesale flavour and colour manufacturer catering to industries from food and beverage to oral care.

We currently purchase and sell: A range of flavours and powders including Banana, Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Strawberry, Cotton Candy and Prawn from Gold Coast Ingredients.



Nowamyl is located in Poland. They are leading manufacturers of Native Potato Starch and Maltodextrin and the only manufacturer in the North-West region of Poland.

We currently purchase and sell: Potato Starch and Maltodextrin from Nowamyl.



Sethness is based in the USA. Established in 1880, they are world leaders in the Caramel Colour industry.

We currently purchase and sell: A vast range of Caramel Liquids and Powders from Sethness.